Key Stage 1

Please take a look at our Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview. Our curriculum is planned using a 2-year cycle so that the children experience a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum across the two years that they are in Key Stage 1.

Included on our Curriculum Overview are the trips/ visitors/ experiences that we are currently planning for the children – these are subject to change depending on availability/ new experiences opening/ children’s interests.

Year 1 Cycle B Long Term Plan

Year 1/2 Cycle B Long Term Plan

Y2 Cycle B New Long Term Plan


Advent Term 2024

Blast From The Past!

We will begin this topic by taking part in our very own archaeological dig! We will learn about the Victorians, looking at schools, homes and fashion. We will find out more about the history of transport, toys and books.

Lent Term 2025

Hometown Glory 

We will launch this topic with an exciting treasure hunt around school. We will carry out a fieldwork study of Ashby, enabling us to use and create our own maps. We will learn about the history of Ashby and Scunthorpe, looking at jobs in our area, such as farming.  We will learn about local landmarks. Click below to see what else we will learn in this topic about our town.

Pentecost Term 2025

Great Britain

We will be learning about the different flags, patron saints and symbols of the different countries that make up Great Britain, beginning our topic with a special Saint George’s Day celebration. We will spend time learning about the Queen and the different castles she lives in. We will carry out an exciting project to design and make our own castles, adding some of the features we have learnt about. We will look at how Great Britain is made up of different areas, including towns, cities, countryside and the coast and we will study the human and physical features of these. We will look more closely the the seaside, now and in the past. We will end our topic with a fun visit to the seaside!


Advent Term 2023

Disney Dreams

We will launch this topic with an exciting entry point dressing up as our favourite Disney characters. Throughout the topic we will be looking at a range of the children’s favourite Disney films including The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Mary Poppins and many more! The topic will conclude with an Alice in Wonderland tea party and a performance of some of our favourite Disney songs. Click the link below to see what exciting lessons we have in store.

Lent Term 2024

Famous Faces

We will launch this topic with a knowledge harvest to see what famous people the children already know. Throughout the topic we will be looking at a range of famous people including The Queen, Sir David Attenborough, Eric Carle, Jamie Oliver and many more! We will be going on an exciting trip to Rand Farm Park to explore a range of animals and their habitats. The topic will conclude with an art gallery and workshop for parents. Click the link below to see what exciting lessons we have in store.

Famous Faces Topic Web

Pentecost Term 2024


We will begin our topic by looking at superheroes. Each child will complete a range of exciting ‘missions’ to earn their superhero training certificate! We will learn about real life heroes, including those who serve in the armed forces, the police and the NHS. We will look at the lives of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Nelson Mandela and Jesse Owens. We will then look at different sporting heroes in more detail and will learn about the Olympics and its history.

Heroes Topic Web