Mathematics Policy 

Mathematics Curriculum Intent Statement

Mathematics is a highly valued core subject within St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy. Our aim is to ensure that the three core areas of the National Curriculum (fluency, problem solving and reasoning) are covered in all Mathematics lessons across the academy with a spirit of  enthusiasm created for each.

We offer the children the opportunity to have varied and frequent practice of their maths skills and support them in their fluency by encouraging them to recall and apply learnt knowledge rapidly and accurately. We incorporate reasoning and problem solving into all of our Mathematics lessons and encourage children to ‘talk maths’ confidently as part of this. We want the children to be able to problem solve with resilience and make cross-curricular mathematical links to strengthen their understanding. Within our Academy, we aim to create ‘every day mathematicians’ who know the purpose of their learning, apply mathematical skills to everyday life and succeed in the next stage of their education.

We value a maths curriculum that is creative and engaging but also appropriately challenging to help our children strive for excellence. Mathematics is an interconnected subject in which pupils need to be able to move fluently between different representations of mathematical ideas. We build on this philosophy with our White Rose Maths scheme which all classes follow consistently.

Mathematics Coverage Plans

Mathematics Curriculum Progression Tables

Calculation Policies

Please read from left to right for the progression of methods.

White Rose Maths Addition and Subtraction Calculation Policy

White Rose Maths Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy

Parent/Carer Support

White Rose Maths Scheme Explained

White Rose Maths describes their scheme of learning as ‘a clear, time-linked plan for learning’. Their schemes are written for each year group and cover the whole school year of learning. White Rose Maths breaks down your child’s mathematics learning into small steps that cover and build towards curriculum objectives. Their questions have a mixture of fluency, reasoning and problem solving to help your child interpret maths in a variety of different ways. Please access their homepage at .

Maths with Michael

White Rose Maths have teamed up with Michael Underwood (TV presenter, parent and teacher) to create a miniseries of helpful videos that show you exactly how we teach the different strands of
mathematics. For free, you can access ‘how to’ video guides and downloadable PDF parent guides for supporting your child with place value, subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, fractions and algebra. Click here to access these.

Free workbooks from White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths have made free workbooks for each year group’s block of learning (this links to our coverage plans at the top of this page) that you can access from home to support your child’s learning. These workbooks have questions that are designed and structured in the same way your child’s maths lesson questions are so everything is really consistent for their learning. You can access the link to these workbooks by clicking here.

Helping to challenge your child further

The mathematics curriculum is all about helping your child ‘master’ objectives for their age group rather than leaping ahead. If you feel your child has a natural talent for maths, the best way to challenge them is by helping them access more reasoning and problem solving questions to develop high-order thinking skills. You can access these style questions through ‘Problems of the Day’ on White Rose Maths by clicking here.