At St. Bernadette’s we have four House Teams, each House Team is named after a great Saint and has been given a contributing colour.

Every child, from Reception upwards, is allocated a House Team and children who have siblings in our Academy are put into the same House Team.

Throughout the academy year, the children are given house points for many things including; using their manners, excellent work, showing great care towards their friends and teachers etc. House points are added up each week and shared with the children in our whole academy assembly. The children feel a great sense of pride when their efforts are praised through house points. By the Pentecost Term house point scores are usually very close; to end the academy year we hold our annual sports days where the children compete for their house. After this event, scores are combined and the winning house is presented with our House Team Trophy which is adorned with coloured ribbons appropriate for the winning house.

Our House Teams are as follows:

Saint Thomas More

Feast Day: 9th July

St. Thomas More was Oxford educated, a lawyer and served in Parliament. He wrote the world famous book ‘Utopia’ and spent many years writing in defense of the church, for which he was imprisoned. He spent 25 months in the infamous ‘Tower of London’ before he was executed, nine days after St. John Fisher.

Saint Bernadette Soubirous

Feast Day: 16th April

St. Bernadette was born in Lourdes, France. As a child gathering firewood, the Blessed Mother appeared to her seventeen times. Bernadette was urged to pray for sinners and to build a chapel on the site. Bernadette dug into the mud and a spring developed. Many healings have been attributed to this water. As she got older, Bernadette became a nun and passed away at the age 35.

Saint Augustine Webster

Feast Day: 4th May

St. Augustine Webster is a local Saint. He was an English Catholic martyr. He was the prior of Our Lady of Melwood, a Carthusian house in Epworth, North Lincolnshire in 1531.

Saint Margaret Clitherow

Feast Day: 25th March

Saint Margaret Clitherow was a devoted wife and mother and well known for her happy and generous nature. In 1586 she was alleged to have hidden Jesuit priests in her house in the Shambles and allowed Mass to be said. The authorities decided that she should be put to death and, on 17th March 1586, she was martyred. The night before she died, she sent her hat to her husband as a sign of her loving duty to him. St. Margaret Clitherow’s house in the Shambles is now a shrine and Mass is   said there every Saturday.