Sharing of the Daily Gospel


Hearing the word of God in our Academy

We believe that the word of God is an essential part of our daily lives and so our Chaplaincy Team took on the responsibility of reading the daily Gospel to all of the key stage 2 children at morning break times. We do this in front of the mosaic of St Bernadette and Our Lady. This is at the heart of our academy, meaning that everyone can join in, as well as reminding us of the importance of having God’s words, and his message, close to our own hearts at all times too. We make sure that we begin each Gospel reading with the sign of the cross and proclaim loudly that this is “The Gospel of the Lord.” Everyone then replies, “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.” This helps us to feel connected to the Mass as we all know that these words will be said in Mass too. Before the Gospel is read, our Chaplaincy Team members will place the Bible gently on a lectern and will ensure that the correct coloured cloth is placed on the lectern to connect us with the time of year and the liturgical season. We enjoy doing this as it reminds us that each day is special in its own unique way.