Whole Academy Projects

Celebrating Mass at St Bernadette’s

Here at St Bernadette’s Academy, we try to have Mass at least twice a term; at the beginning and at the end. We enjoy walking down to church as often as we can, as this helps to remind us that we are part of our wider Parish community too. Our children will often take part in the readings and Altar serving to help Fr Tom.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

We enjoyed a truly special and memorable time in our Academy during the summer term. We arranged for the Blessed Sacrament to be brought into school so that each class could spend time praying in it’s presence. We came into the hall in silence and took the time to bow and kneel before Jesus as a mark of respect. We all hope to do this again very soon.

Easter crosses and promises

Each class has created an Easter Cross, which has been hung up in the hall. On it, each have written an Easter promise. The children will use this as their guide throughout Easter tide as this will help them remember the gift that Christ has given us by his sacrifice.

Tree of Hope

We have then written the promises and hung them from a tree in the Reception. This will help remind our visitors that we are all working together!

The Travelling Cross

Throughout Lent, each class received the ‘Travelling Cross’. This presented an opportunity to pray the Rosary, say the Stations of the Cross or simply have some quiet, reflective time beside it as a way of preparing for Easter. With the cross came a box, which had lots of fabrics, candles and prayer cards in it, so that each class could prepare the Cross how they wanted.

Screenings of Jesus of Nazareth

We held these screenings for KS2 children in Class 10. This was every lunch time during Holy Week. Many of the children attended and noted how powerful the experience was, because it helped them see Jesus’ suffering more clearly.

A Heart Which Sees

Each class took the time to make a heart. This conveyed all of the qualities we hope to use, so that we reflect Christ through our actions. Some classes used thumb prints as a way of showing that they’re connected whilst others were photographed sitting outwards in the shap of a heart. We have made a beautiful display of these hearts in the hall.

Operation Christmas Child

Every year, at Christmas time, we hold a ‘Shoe Box Appeal’, asking families throughout our Academy to fill shoe boxes with small gifts and essential items like toothbrushes, soaps and wash cloths. After we have collected the shoe boxes in, we send them to children across the world in impoverished and war torn areas.

Remembrance Poppies

To engage more closely with Remembrance Sunday and the sacrifice the soldiers made, we created a class poppy. After a peaceful and reflective collective worship, each classes’ poppy was added to the (already existing) display. This helped us continue on with our reflections from last year and recognise that this is a sacrifice that should not be forgotton.

The Travelling Rosary

During the months of October and May, we take the take the time to remember our mother, Mary. We have a large set of Rosary beads that travels around the Academy and gives everyone the chance to say some peaceful prayers. There is one large set of Rosary Beads and smaller sets for al of the children in the classes as well as a range of fabircs, candles and prayer cards that can be used by each class in the way that they chose. This is a beautiful moment in our Academy, as we are all joined together through prayer.

Cake sale for Cafod and Children in Need

Each year, we hold a cake sale to raise money for Cafod and Children in Need. This year, classes 8 and 10 teamed up to bring the cakes in a sell. We made a grand total of £270, which we were all delighted with. The children did a fantastic job at showing off their beautiful attitudes.