After School Clubs

2022-2023 – Spring (Pentecost) Term

TuesdayKS1 Games and Puzzles Club with Mrs Khan1 - 2A range of different indoor games and puzzles focusing on team-building.
TuesdayKS2 Positive Emotional and Well-being Club with Mrs James3 - 6A range of arts and crafts activities on a theme of Emotional Well-being, covering aspects such as emotions, support networks, gratitude, kindness, healthy eating, exercise, setting goals, and reflecting.
WednesdayKS1 Construction Club with Mrs Kirkwood1 - 2Various building challenges with blocks/
ThursdayKS1 Computing Club with Mrs Khan1 - 2Different activities using trusted educational programmes on chromebooks.
ThursdayKS2 Computing Club with Mrs James3 - 6This club has a focus on increasing the level of Digital Literacy and providing children with an outlet and opportunity to expand their Computing knowledge, skills and experiences in a fun and interesting way.