Key Stage 1

Please take a look at our Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview. Our curriculum is planned using a 2-year cycle so that the children experience a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum across the two years that they are in Key Stage 1.

Included on our Curriculum Overview are the trips/ visitors/ experiences that we are currently planning for the children - these are subject to change depending on availability/ new experiences opening/ children's interests.

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview


Advent Term 2019

Disney Dreams

What Are The Bare Necessities of Life?

We will launch this topic with an exciting entry point dressing up as our favourite Disney characters. Throughout the topic we will be looking at a range of the children's favourite Disney films including The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Mary Poppins and many more! The topic will conclude with an Alice in Wonderland tea party and a performance of some of our favourite Disney songs. Click the link below to see what exciting lessons we have in store.

Disney Dreams Topic Web


Lent Term 2020

Famous Faces

What Will Your Face be Famous For?




Pentecost Term 2020


What Is Your Super Power?