Mathematics Policy 

Mathematics Curriculum Intent Statement

Mathematics Long term Plan

Mathematics is a highly valued core subject within St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy. We seek to inspire and enthuse pupils and generate positive attitudes towards the subject. Our aim is to ensure that the three core areas of the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving) are covered in all our mathematics lessons.We offer the children the opportunity to have varied and frequent practice of their maths skills, with the focus on their ability to be fluent by recalling and applying their knowledge rapidly and accurately. We are incorporating reasoning into all of our mathematics lessons by encouraging the children to be able to talk and discuss their learning. We want the children to be able to problem solve and be able to make mathematical links in other subjects across the curriculum. We aim to create ‘every day mathematicians’ who know the purpose of their learning and who use their mathematics skills and apply them to everyday life.

The children have a daily maths lesson where they are taught knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum. A wide range of teaching strategies are used to create inclusive lessons that cater for all groups of children and different types of learners. Each lesson includes teacher modelling and independent activity following a mastery approach. Each week classes complete TTRockstars three times. This is a real favourite with the children (and staff) and is proving an effective way at improving times tables recall.

We take part in dedicated maths focus days including NSPCC number day and Maths week.