Upper Key Stage 2

Please take a look at our Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview. Our curriculum is planned using a 2-year cycle so that the children experience a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum across their final two years in Key Stage 2.

Included on our Curriculum Overview are the trips/ visitors/ experiences that we are currently planning for the children - these are subject to change depending on availability/ new experiences opening/ children's interests.

Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview

Advent Term 2019/20

Worlds of Wonder 

A Journey Into The Solar System

Did you know that one day lasts longer than a year on the planet Venus? 

In this topic we will journey through space exploring the planets of our solar system. We will research the Apollo moon landings and design and make our own Moon buggy. Using the artist, Jackson Pollock, as an inspiration, we will create our own star and nebula designs. Also, as part of this topic we will visit the National Space Centre in Leicester, home to the country's largest planetarium and take part in an exciting and informative workshop.

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Lent Term 2019/20

Furnaces of Fire

Material Properties and The Formation of New Substances

Did you know that Scunthorpe Steel was used to build Wembley Stadium? 

In this topic we will discover how steel is made, following its journey from its raw materials through the steel making process to its end product. We will investigate a range of structures that have been made using steel, such as Wembley Stadium, The Sydney Opera House and rail tracks all around the world. Also, as part of this topic we will listen to a guest speaker, a former steelworker who will talk about his life on the steelworks and the many exciting products he helped to produce.

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