Upper Key Stage 2

Please take a look at our Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview. Our curriculum is planned using a 2-year cycle so that the children experience a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum across their final two years in Key Stage 2.

Included on our Curriculum Overview are the trips/ visitors/ experiences that we are currently planning for the children - these are subject to change depending on availability/ new experiences opening/ children's interests.

Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview

Advent Term 2020/21

Thrills of the Theme Park

Did you know roller-coasters do not have engines?


In this topic we will be exploring how some of the most exciting theme parks across the world have developed over time.  From the vibrant artwork that adorns the rides to the science behind how they work and the mechanisms which control them.  We will be designing, creating and powering our own fairground rides and using our geography skills to determine whether we could build one here in our school grounds!

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