Class 8: Mrs Morrell/ Miss Clark

Spring Term 2019

A Viking adventure!

What an incredible day we had! We became real life Vikings as we made shelters, built a fire and even gutted, cut and cooked a fish on the fire! It was a brilliant day, and Mrs Morrell and Miss Clark were delighted to see us all having lots of fun. Miss Clark felt very lucky to spend time with her new class in this very special way. Here are some of the best pictures from the day...


Autumn Term 2018


 We love being active in Class 8 and stretched our muscles learning new balances.

IPC Circuits

We enjoyed investigating how electricity transfers through circuits.

IPC Topic

We had a fabulous introduction to our IPC topic this term. Mrs Morrell had many experiments to show us the influence of static electricity on objects. Who said you can't see electricity?

Talk for Writing

In our Talk for Writing topic we have written information texts about dragons. Mrs Morrell was scared of the one in our classroom! Thank you to Mrs James who captured the moment on camera.

Our First Day

We enjoyed our first day together as a class. We completed some team building exercises so we could get to know each other.