Relationships and Sex Education Overview

Relationships and Sex Education coverage within the new National Curriculum 2014 in areas of Science

The delivery of Sex Education takes place during the summer term throughout the academy from Reception, KS1, KS2 covering RSE using the programme, ‘Journey In Love’. All key stage members have a book and DVD, containing all the information for the year group they are teaching. Upper KS2, years 5 and 6, have the developed programme from Sr. Dorothy and deliver to the children. 


This programme looks very carefully into relationships between humans and how relationships are built up. From Reception learning about our features and how different we look to one another and how unique we are as individuals, to year 5 learning about their own bodies and how these change to year 6 learning about reproduction. Coverage of RSE within our academy blends in well and where applicable, all areas of study are followed in the new National Curriculum 2014. Each year group has some coverage of science. Overall, and very importantly, understanding that God as our creator, and each session will begin and end with a scripture reading, this is the utmost important factor throughout in our Catholic academy.


Overview for each year 

Relationships and Sex Education Policy