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Lent Term

Our Topic - Incredible Inventions

Big Question: Why was the Industrial Revolution so Revolutionary? 

We have made a great start on our topic, which is all about Incredible Inventions.We started off our unit by designing a product in a group and pitching it to the Dragons in Dragon's Den!  

Later, we learnt about why the Industrial Revolution was so revolutionary, thinking about how society completely changed with developments in industry, and the way of life. We have looked at the fascinating history of different inventions. For our local history and geography work, we will be finding out about our world famous Steel works. 

We enjoyed, as part of our topic, a super trip to Magna, Rotherham, exploring the different interactive pavilions of Water, Air, Earth and Fire and taking part in a fantastic Magnets workshop. 


Our current topic is Fractions and Decimals. We have been doing lots of activities, learning and puzzles to develop our knowledge in this area. We are still focussing lots on improving our times tables knowledge, with singing, games and lots of practise! Practise makes....perfect! 

For our NSPCC numbers day on Friday 4th February, we will be finding out about real life maths. How has maths been used in inventions in the past, and how is it used today? We will also explore the fascinating story of Hazel Hill, the 13 year old, who used her maths skills to help win the Battle of Britain! 


Our English this term is linked to our Incredible Inventions topic. We wrote some super weather imagery poems after Christmas. Now, we are enjoying exploring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, and later we will think about designing our very own factory of amazing inventions! Our reading and grammar activities are also linked to our Incredible Inventions topic. After half term, we will be looking at an exciting unit: 'The Shirt Machine'! 

Our class story is the super tale of The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. 



In PE, we are working on our gymnastics. We are beginning to learn different positions and perfecting joining them in a sequence focusing on our tension, control and technique. We enjoy sharing our ideas with the class and learning from each other.


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