R.E Class 7

Class Liturgy

We planned our Class Liturgy to end our topic on Listening and Sharing.  We decided to begin by singing the Our Father as this is the prayer that Jesus taught us and it is an important part of the mass.  We then chose the Last Supper as our scripture and a group of children read and acted this out.  After that we listened to thank you and sorry prayers that some children had written.  To conclude our class liturgy we all wrote on a footprint how we are going to glorify God.  This is something we think about when we say or sing the Gloria and when the priest gives us the final blessing at mass.  We arranged our footprints to make a cross to remind us the Jesus is the Lamb of God.  God sacrificed his son, he died on the cross, so that our sins can be forgiven.

Communion Rite

Mrs Clark is a Eucharistic Minister.  We prepared lots of questions to ask her so that we could find out about what her role during the Communion Rite involves.  Mrs Clark showed us the scapular that she wears.  We learnt how she became a Eucharistic Minister and why she enjoys it so much.  Mrs Clark brought with her the items she uses when taking the Eucharist to the sick. 


Eucharistic Prayer

We read the story of the Last Supper from the Bible.  We then re-enacted the Last Supper.  After that we looked closely at the words of the Eucharist Prayer and we found that that the story of the Last Supper are in this prayer.  The priest says the words that Jesus said to his disciples.  We learnt that this point of the mass is when the bread becomes Jesus' body and the wine becomes Jesus' blood.




Presentation of Gifts

Monday 26th February

Pilgrimages and Prayer Life

As our topic on Journeys draws to a close, we were fortunate to welcome Mrs Eames to the class today.  Mrs Eames is a friend of Mrs Dodsworth and she came in to answer our questions about pilgrimages.  Prior to her visit we had thought about what we would like to find our from her and prepared a comprehensive list of questions.  Mrs Eames brought lots of photographs of her visits to Lourdes, Rome and Walsingham.  She told us about the range of emotions she feels when on a pilgrimage and why she chooses to go on them.  We learnt about some of the things she has done there and how it has helped her on her faith journey.  We were amazed that one of the pilgrimages she went on was walking from Nottingham to Walsingham by foot, taking it in turns to carry a heavy wooden cross.  We learnt so much from her visit.  We also had the opportunity to talk to Mrs Eames about her prayer life.  She told us some of her favourite prayers that she uses in a morning and evening and other ways in which she prays to God.


Friday 23rd February

Mary's Feast Days

As part of our RE topic on Journeys we have been thinking about Mary's life journey and how she might have felt at certain points in her life.  We talked about why May and October are special month in which we remember Mary and we looked closely at six of her feast days.  We each completed a craft related to one of Mary's feast days to help us remember why they are celebrated.



Friday 9th February

Our Class Liturgy

Yesterday we planned a class liturgy based upon our RE topic of Journeys.  Today we used our plan to and began by creating our focal area.  After making the sign of the cross, we chose to begin by singing the hymn 'Follow me'.  We then sang 'Moses, you know you're the man'.  After that we chose to watch a video animation of the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery.  Some of the children then read thank you prayers they had written.  Finally the children all found a place in the classroom to write on a footprint who they were going to help on a journey and how they would do that.  The children then read out their writing before adding it to our focal area to create a heart shape.


Tuesday 30th January

St. Lucy's Feast Day

As part of our topic on Journeys, we have been thinking about how we celebrate Advent and Lent.  Today we learnt about St. Lucy's feast day which falls in Advent.  We learnt about her life and found out how children in Sweden celebrate her feast day. 



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