R.E Class 6

Topic 6 Change
During this Lenten topic, we talked about all the different ways we grow and change. We all recognised that Lent is a time to change and be more like Jesus. We talked about the different ways we can make a new start and we made a Lenten tree with our promises on. We spent time retelling the story of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


The Travelling Cross came to Class 6 on its journey around the Academy. We gathered together and set up a special focal area. We then shared a liturgy where we looked carefully at the Stations of the Cross. The Travelling Cross then continued on its journey to Class 7.



Topic 5 Meals

We talked about the special meals we share with our families and friends. We learnt about The Last Supper and how this links with the special meal in Mass. We know that people receive Jesus in Holy Communion.


We shared a class meal together to celebrate our learning in this topic.

Topic 4 Special People
Class 6 can talk about all the special people we have in our lives. They recognise the special people who help at church each week. They know that Jesus is a very special person and that we are very special to him. 

Topic 3 Waiting
Class 6 can talk about how Advent is a special time as we wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We looked at the Advent Wreath and wrote poems about this special time. We retold the Christmas Story in our own words. We made Christingles and talked about their special meaning. 

Story Box Half-Term Homework

St. Bernadette's Travelling Rosary

Topic 2 - Belonging

Class 6 know that we belong to different groups. We learnt about what happens at a Baptism and how a baby is welcomed to join God's family. We spent time looking at the important symbols in Baptism. 

Journey in Love 


Topic 1 - Families 

Class 6 enjoyed talking about our families. All of our families are different and they are all special. We all belong to God's family! 



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