R.E Class 12

Topic 3 - Hope 

 The pupils celebrated learning about the birth of Jesus. They discussed the many ways in which 

  we wait in hope during the season of Advent, with a focus on the symbolism of the Advent 

  Wreath. They enjoyed creating a stained glass window design depicting Jesus’ second coming.

Topic 2 - Life Choices

 The pupils enjoyed learning about the Sacrament of Marriage and the importance of the 

  promises made between a man and a woman. They produced some wonderful marriage 

  booklets offering explanations and advice to couples about the Marriage Liturgy.

Topic 1 - Ourselves 

The pupils enjoyed discussing their unique gifts and qualities and produced some excellent work

  around Genesis 1:26-31 Made to be like God. They were greatly interested in learning about 

  Father Maximilian Kolbe, researching his life and how his love of God inspired his life.


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