R.E - Class 10 - Mrs Hunt

Welcome to Class 10's RE Page. Here we will update you on our current topic and share aspects of our learning, work and activities.

As a class, we discussed all the things we are thankful for and created our own Class Prayer:

Topic 1 - Loving.

Here we have looked at 'Unconditional Love'. We have discussed what this means and how this is portrayed through a range of Bible stories. We have also explored what is means to have unconditional love and how we can demonstrate it.

We started our topic with the 'Explore' aspect of RE, where we used our prior knowledge to make links on post-it notes about the following subheadings:

-Christian Belief,



-Art or Artifact,



Since then, we have moved onto the 'Reveal' part of our topic: We have read a range of scriptures linking with 'Loving' and made connections to add to our Come and See Working Wall.


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Sienna Fonte(less than a year ago)

This is amazing work keep it up !

Paul Clark(less than a year ago)

Thank you for having me Class 10! It was very nice to meet you all and I really enjoyed my visit. I look forward to meeting you all again soon.